Kauai's secret beaches

Everyone needs to experience being a tourist on the streets of Waikiki and seeing all that Oahu has to offer.  Waikiki no matter how overplayed is a fantastic and beautiful place to stay. Surrendering to the corny luaus, drinks with umbrellas, hula dancing and fire shows is necessary in order to have a good time. The real Hawaii is experiencing its paradise in its most pure and raw form that can be only found on the outer islands.  Thankfully most islands is only a short 20 minute plane ride away with flights all day.  Most people make Kauai a 3 day side trip, but that’s barely enough time to skim through the sights and not really soak into the Kauaian atmosphere.

Seven days of secluded beaches, lush mountains, and slow laid back feel makes the island of Kauai the perfect place for a getaway. It feels like your own private paradise.

Here you’ll see the most beautiful secret beaches on Kauai and a map so you can find them.


Queen’s Bath

With only 10 parking stalls at a time, people hike a beautiful trek through streams, waterfalls, and tropical greens.  Then it opens up to the ocean with magnificent views and strong waves hitting the boulders.  You may see risky locals jumping in like the picture below, but the currents are strong!  A little further you’ll find a natural salt pool filled with colorful fish.  This is definitely one of my favorite spots on the island.

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Lumahai Beach

Many people jump off this rock when the swells come in while others sunbathe and relax on the beach.



Moloa’a Bay

Where the river meets the ocean.  This beach is great for kids, local children jump off of the trees into the water.




Anahola Beach Park

Beautiful views of the female version of Kauai’s sleeping giant.  Do you see her in the mountain?



Larson’s Beach & Pila’a Bay

Both are fairly close to each other.  Both requires a short and kid friendly hike down to the beach.  The snorkling is outstanding, clear and abundant with fish.  But, you may be surprised to see some nude people tanning on the beach!




The Map